About the Comic

Not to Scale started out as a funny little idea scrawled in a notebook. It lay dormant in the back of my mind for several months before a combination of factors sparked it back into life, and a rather bizarre comic idea began to spread its wings.

Falling under the genre of magical realism, Not to Scale is a limited series comic book based on the premise that dragons are real, and legends like that of St George and the Dragon were historical events. It is set in modern-day Manchester, in a society where humans and humanoid dragons uneasily coexist…but centuries of conflict and mythmaking makes the latter’s day-to-day life fraught with prejudice and casual racism, despite legal protections being recently instated.

For Rax, a dragon keen to be a part of the human world, the roadblocks to him being accepted as a person- not just an animal- are all too apparent. Working in the city as a video games journalist, his life is founded on contradiction: yearning for acceptance in a world all too happy to see him as a creature to be controlled, a monster to be slain. Can a dragon fight centuries of mythmaking and find happiness in a country with anger and hatred in its bones? What rights does each side have in this fragile society…and what responsibilities do they have to prevent its collapse?

See for yourself in a new comic that explores the origins of prejudice, how we find (and define) our identity, and the way history and narratives shape and distort our lives…from the perspective of a character so often denied to us. This blog is a means of charting my influences, the comics and texts I discover, my journey as I work to bring a dragon to life..and with luck, see it take flight.

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Join me in my quest to bring Rax to life!