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Let’s All Go to the Lobby

It’s about time I talked about the project I’m currently working on. Let’s All Go to the Lobby (working title) is a one-shot comic that asks what happens when we die.

Now, an announcement like this naturally throws up several questions, which I’ve anticipated. For a start, Not to Scale is not dead. Far from it, but launching a comic as ambitious as that right off the bat is probably a case of me running before I can walk, and while it’s still something I plan on releasing it’s also something put on hold for a little while.

Let’s All Go to the Lobby is, by comparison, a much simpler proposition. It’s a story nicely encapsulated in a single issue, with a much smaller cast of characters and a smaller, more intimate focus. What’s more, since it’s pure fantasy it requires less research and fretting than something like Not to Scale, which is designed to have a keen awareness of history ticking away in the background. With a lot of the writing completed, it’s a matter of tidying it up…and checking to see if the idea isn’t utter bunkum with some fellow writers beforehand.

As it stands, the comic focuses on two characters: Alex and Maureen. Thrown together by chance in a mysterious cinema, Alex needs Maureen’s help in locating someone dear to his heart. But will Alex find who he is looking for? And what will happen when he does?

A problem I’ve often had with portrayals of the dead in media like Corpse Bride and Being Human is that the line that divides the living and the dead is pretty insubstantial. Of course, it does existBeing Human’s Annie is almost completely cut off from her surroundings and Corpse Bride’s Emily is literally falling to pieces. But in many respects there’s little differentiating the two: it can be argued in some ways that death actually improves the lives of the people who have passed away. This isn’t by necessity a bad thing, but with my comic I want to think about how death could be a negative impact on the person who dies, rather than just the people surrounding the deceased. I want to hypothesise- in my own way- why staying alive is infinitely preferable to dying.

This isn’t really an argument many people will need to won over on, of course. But I hope my comic offers a novel twist on the afterlife, and that I can get this comic (and my name) out there to a potential audience, with the main event of Not to Scale garnering some additional buzz in the process.

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