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The Beast Within

Over the last week or so, I’ve been working on a shorter comic as a prelude to some of my bigger creative projects. It’s based on an idea I had some time ago, and explores what happens when we die…or more accurately, what reason we have for living. It’s a pretty small-scale project, focussing on the interaction between a couple of people in a precarious situation, and I’ll be happy to share a lot more detail on it soon.

What it does do, though, is throw up some interesting questions about its main character: they aren’t exactly the most sympathetic person I’ve ever written. In light of that, how do we garner sympathy for a person with few, if any redeeming qualities?

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The King’s Dream

I used to be a big fan of video games. Or rather I still am, but my views have shifted somewhat from faith to…resignation. While I used to think of video games as an exciting medium, brimming with potential, a number of factors lead me to thinking they won’t reach their artistic height any time soon.

Still, there are exceptions, and I want to use this brief foray into the world of video games to discuss one of the few games whose message truly resonated with me as a writer.

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