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A Beast of Burden

Yesterday evening, me and my family had an unexpected visitor. Well, several to be precise: a herd of cows had broken through from a neighbouring field and taken up residence on our land. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by countryside and animals my entire life, but even seeing a herd of cows up close is still something a of a novelty. Not that the cows saw it that way. Up close, a cow is a smelly, standoffish creature, a lumbering bag of bones and skin indifferent to anything but the nearest patch of grass.

Which, ultimately, is something we try to forget. For all our love and adoration, animals are not us, and see the world in a radically different way to their human masters. A TV show I’ve recently been watching only reinforces the notion, and lead me to consider how (and why) we humanise animals in fiction.

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Tall Tales

As you might have expected, I’ve undertaken a sizeable chunk of research into dragons whilst writing my comic. Above all else, they’re a symbol: a representation of power and (in some cases) tyranny that remains potent and recognisable. Lately I’ve been doing some research into dragon folklore in the UK, and turning up some interesting stories in the process.

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History in Brief

I feel like English- or British- history should be far deeper engrained in my mind than it is. But the strongest recollection of it that I have is probably my studying the Tudors in Year 3 or 4, and asking why Henry VIII was called that. GCSE history, whilst enjoyable, centred on topics like pre-war Germany and medicine through the ages: any actual English history I studied before then has (ironically) been lost to time for the most part.

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