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My name’s Jonathan Kennedy, and I’m an aspiring comics writer. Having read (and written about) comics for several years, I’ve decided to have a go at creating one of my own. Not to Scale is my first comic work. I also work full time as a copywriter in Leeds, so writing is something I spend a lot of time doing.

While I grew up with comics in the vein of the Beano and Dandy, I never really had a solid interest in comics until I hit secondary school. Picking up Watchmen after seeing the film trailer, I was immediately entranced by its insight, intelligence and the bold perspective it offered on a seemingly infantile medium.

My interests spiralled outwards and I’ve read graphic novels on everything from 1980s Iran to the foundation of mathematics. Comics formed a key plank of my university degree, and I even wrote on them for my dissertation. I follow a few webcomics (Leftover Soup is my current favourite) and I’ve started reading more conventional comic books on a regular basis as well.

I believe comics to be an exciting and diverse medium that can easily straddle a range of genres, audiences and subject matter. While they don’t necessarily need to prove themselves, it’s also true that the medium carries a host of negative associations- something I hope my work can help to dispel.

Outside of comics, I like reading conventional books, watching films, playing video games and railway modelling. I also do some non-comics creative writing from time to time.



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